Do you want leads? Automatically?

Do you want to change the ratio of number of visitors to number of emails addresses captured?

What is Lead system?

Lead system is a powerful service you can add to any website[s] to give your visitors a STRONG incentive to both visit your website[s] and to use this service and allow YOU to capture they email address, name, phone number... etc etc for future marketing.

Lead system will also include an ad via email whenever a person uses one of these services at your website... to promote your product or service automatically, right at that instant.

And when an "ad" for example in a free classifieds expires, the person gets ANOTHER AD from you automatically - again promoting your product or service automatically.

What do I do?

Sign up instantly, then add special links to your website[s] - that's it. Lead Systems will automatically maintain everything else for you. You can download your leads list at the members' area anytime and change your ads instantly via a simple online control panel.

What does Lead Systems Do?

We maintain all the software and systems, and create a massive advertising network that will give "your service" at your website instant value - because people that advertise THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE will get results again and again and revisit your website... again and again...

In addition, as new "value added" services are added [to increase number of leads AND ads sent out], these will be automatically added to your links list automatically free.

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