Affliates Pro Level Version

The Lead Systems affliate version is specially designed for webmasters of affliate programs/reseller programs. It is setup to be maintence free, and allow ALL ads to track to each affliate automatically.

It also allows affliates to access they leads and download them.

As webmaster, you control the EXACT content of each ad sent for example in classifieds "posting email" and "ad expire email" - which in turn can track back to the affliates site[s] automatically, so they get credit.

In addition you control the page the person will see as the "confirmation" page [example - after a person posts an ad].

Because affliates can download and aqquire leads for use in promoting your products and services or their own, they are encouraged  to promote THEIR own lead share links on multiple websites they own IN ADDITION to the promotion they get when they send clients to your website[s] with their LeadShare links already listed.

You , as an affliate manager benefit from the affliates using the lead share links on multiple websites, because YOU control the "service confirmations" email ads.

This creates a situation where affliates and affliate program owners benefit in multiple ways at the same time.

As Leadshare systems creates more services links will automatically update, and you and your affliates will automatically aquire more business and leads - free of charge.

Additional Pro Features:

Multiple automatic rotating ads and subjected auto-keyed to affliate website codes.

What do I do?

Sign up instantly, then add special links to your website[s] - that's it. Lead Systems will automatically maintain everything else for you. You can download your leads list at the members' area anytime and change your ads instantly via a simple online control panel.

What does Leadshare Systems Do?

We maintain all the software and systems, and create a massive advertising network that will give "your service" at your website instant value - because people that advertise THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE will get results again and again and revisit your website... again and again...

In addition, as new "value added" services are added [to increase number of leads AND ads sent out], these will be automatically added to your links list automatically free.

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We are offering this to affliate managers for a limited time for only $139.95 per month... or $1390 per year ... there is no limit to the number of affliates or leads for each affliate.

If you manage more than one affliate program each additional one is 1/2 price per month.

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